We offer a range of exquisitely designed furniture and handicraft items that are sure to cater to all your needs. A list of our products reads antique reproduction furniture, wooden furniture, iron furniture, gift articles, candle stands, jewellery boxes, mirror frames, photo frames, office wares, kitchen wares, wall sconces

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India being a land of diverse culture, lifestyle and tradition has developed its own peculiar position and ethnic diversity creating a blend of the most captivating hues. The techniques and crafts perfected over centuries continue to captivate the generation of today.

India has a rich history of handicrafts that has evolved over the centuries. Indian Handicrafts are the true specimens of the dexterity of an expert craftsman. These handmade crafts present forth the vast cultural and ethnic diversity of the Indian culture. A variety of motifs, techniques and crafts have flourished on this land.

 At MARS EXIM we strive to play a part in placing Indian Craftsmanship on the pedestal of admirable achievement and bring the world at India’s doorstep. We bring to you ethnic Indian handicrafts, ancient artifacts and handmade crafts. Representing the amalgamation of what the best traditional craft has to offer with modern technical expertise.

 Our product range includes Antique designs and New Furniture, Iron crafts, Marble, granite  & Combinations of the same. Furniture includes Tables, chairs, Bookshelf, side Boards, Dressers, Cabinets, Almirah, Boxes as well as Wine Wrecks and Photo Frames etc.

Design & Development

Continuous innovation in terms of new Product development and Designs is what which keeps us growing and help us in providing you the best product. The product development department constantly and continually evolves new styles and ranges resulting out of traditional skills combined with today’s styles & trends, to satisfy the most refined tastes. A constant effort to provide items that are truly handcrafted with uncompromising quality is what we ensure.


-         Wide selection and customization of products as per buyer’s specifications and designs.

-         In house product designing and development facilities.

-         Reliable quality workmanship and safe economical packaging.

Our hallmark has been timely delivery of orders with due emphasis on Quality



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